Quality since 1922

In 1922, Lothar Höpfner acquired the premises of the former Häußerschen Brauerei (Häußer brewery) and opened a drugstore there, which was affectionately known by everyone as the Teebude (tea kiosk). His son continued the business, which by the 1940’s had already taken on 80 employees. Herbs and spices were stored, cut, weighed, filled and prepared ready for dispatch. Everything was produced, from herb teas in the smallest packages for drugstores right up to bales and drums full of spices for wholesale.

The early growth

In 1972, Höpfner & Co. became VEB Drogeriehof. Business flourished, and therefore, in addition to blended teas for national requirements, production mainly took place for international western countries. Up until 1972, the Drogeriehof was a partly state-owned company. However, from 1972, it was completely nationalised by the Council of the City of Gera and affiliated to the pharmaceutical plant in Halle. This was a plant network which included production sites in Oberlichtenau, Naumburg and Rudolstadt, and in which large quantities of peppermint and balm were processed.


After the reunification in 1990, the VEB pharmaceutical plant was disbanded, and the company handed over to a trust.

The herb farm was born

In 1991, Dronania Naturheilmittel bought the business and gave it the name Thüringer Kräuterhof. The production facilities were expanded, the cutting machines sold, and instead modern packaging machines were acquired and predominantly double-chamber bags produced.

Our way to the future

In 2007, the company was sold to Sanesco GmbH, the owner of which, pharmacist Georg Kroll, initiated a transformation of the corporate policy. As a result, the area of tea purchasing was extended and the production halls were expanded in order to further process the high-quality teas appropriately.

100 years Thüringer Kräuterhof

While tea and herbs are likely to have lost flavor even with the best storage after 100 years, it tastes and smells in the Thüringer Kräuterhof even after a century still aromatic as ever. The company, which now has between 60 and 70 employees depending on the season, is looking back on this special company anniversary in the Zoche industrial estate in Gera-Leumnitz in 2022. With an employee party the 100th birthday was duly celebrated and also mayor Julian Vonarb (parteilos) lined up in the crowd of well-wishers.